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Surrey, UK, rock/metal band Zedi Forder were founded in 2015. The band was the culmination of several bands dating back to the turn of the millennium, when Drummer/Singer/Songwriter Chris Kerley created and started writing for a band called ‘Unbound’. Various projects have come and gone, including some with releases such as ‘Tricore’, ‘An Entire Legion’ & ‘Rind Skank.

Zedi Forder began with just Kerley & Guitarist Mark Carstairs. Bassist, Rich Tomsett joined in late 2015. The band released their self-titled debut album in 2017. 2017 would also mark the departure of guitarist Mark Carstairs bringing over a decade of musical partnership with Kerley to an end.


After a brief stint of involvement with talented guitarist April Cox, and the release of the ‘Ditties 1 EP’, Wayne Clifford joined in 2019 bringing the band back up to strength. The band released their second studio album ‘Isolation’ in 2020 alongside a second album named ‘Judgement’ released under a twinned project named Zedi Forder Superium. All Zedi Forder music has been produced & released independently.

Alongside the music the band always try to put out entertaining visual content as often as possible but started creating regular “Discover music with Zedi Forder” vids/podcasts in 2019 which revolve around the band searching for music on bandcamp randomly to shine a light on. Episodes are now available not just on youtube but on spotify & bandcamp. Just a quick glimpse into the world of Zedi Forder will tell you that there’s nothing “normal” about these fellas. They are unique and unpredictable in the best way possible.



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Alternative Rock/Metal


Woking, UK


Lead vocals/Drums-

Chris Kerley


Rich Tomsett


Wayne Clifford




Live - Normal gear. Backing tracks.

Booking - underdogelite@gmail.com

ZF Ditties 2
Zedi Forder - Isolation
ZF Superium - Judgement
Set world on fire (Single)
Zedi Forder Ditties 1 (EP)
Zedi Forder The Album
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Press Quotes

"It is fair to say that other bands with Kerley and Carstairs at the heart have criminally gone undervalued bordering on unnoticed by major attention and success. Thankfully making music which leaves a lasting imprint on body and imagination through creative originality and adventure is a passion, a vocation for the pair at the heart of Zedi Forder, so we get to feast on their alchemy once again and so should you, it would be rude not to go off and discover its majesty, wouldn’t it?" - Ringmaster

"Meet Zedi Forder, a band that will have you hooked with one listen of this 4-track EP! Ross Welford (Uberrock)

“I am totally sold on this! ... Somehow, Zedi Forder have the musical capabilities of performing really intricate brain surgery one minute & then, without drawing breath, destroying the Hoover dam the next! - The Count

"This album is full of really interesting and quirky guitar lines that add signature moments to the music”– Hellbound.ca

"Things must improve, evolution must do its work, and so on, new names can appear, as the English trio ZEDI FORDER” – Metal-temple.com

What a great band.  Honestly, just when I thought alternative metal was dead, along comes Zedi Forder, with more great riffs and songs than you can shake a trident at. - Phil King (Audiofuzz)

"Now that is a band who knows how to make a hook-laden song!" - Melita Dennett, BBC

"What a great band. Honestly, just when I thought alternative metal was dead, along comes Zedi Forder, with more great riffs and songs than you can shake a trident at" - Audiofuzz.com

"I spat at Zedi Forder once but the gravity  and awesomeness of the bands sound was so large that the spittle revolved all the way around them and struck me in the face" - Anon

"Great stuff" -- ro - darkcompass

"That is a cracking, You'll definitely hear more from these guys" --
Steve Harris, totalrock radio

"They have musically stood outside of the crowd and too often the richness of attention deserved but with a so what defiance which fuels their invention, power, and imagination" -- Ringmaster Review

"The twelve songs on Isolation manage to drip with accessibility and throw out metallic shards at the same time, which is not easy to do. Drummer/singer/writer Chris Kerley has a knack for writing the catchiest vocal melodies, and deserves far more accolades for his songwriting chops"
-- Angrymetalguy.com

“Superium - The sledgehammer to Zedi Forder’s scalpel; two sides of the same coin,” this openly unique alter-ego is a far fiercer trespass on the senses and imagination, a fury of sound and thought which soon proved just as striking and compelling as its counterpart"
-- Ringmaster

“Superium - If you ignored these guys three years ago, don’t make the same mistake again"
-- Angrymetalguy.com