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Local to Surrey? Need a Vocal or Voiceover track recorded? Head on over to my home studio to lay down your voice whether for a future release or demo or just for a fun experience! I'm ten minutes outside of Woking.

£30 per hour. Paid upon booking. Great results and far more affordable than a pro studio.

-- During your session --

  1. We'll get down as much of your vocals/voice as you can perform to your satisfaction in the time booked.

  2. I'm there to help you with technique and direction when required to make sure we get the best results we can.

-- After your session --

  1. I'll add post processes/compression to your vocal and quickly mix it with your chosen backing track. (When required). I do this towards the end of the day after all the recording sessions have been completed. (This is included in the fee).

  2. I'll then send you your recording. Wav's or mp3's as requested. I can also forward the raw unprocessed vocal tracks as requested for you to play with at home.

  3. If you would like in depth editing and mixing done, that service is also available.

-- What you need to provide in preparation --

  1. If you have a custom backing track you'll need to supply that and in the correct key suited to your voice.

  2. I can help you find instrumental versions of songs if needed.

  3. The more you practice beforehand the less time you'll need when it comes to recording and the better your performance will be.

  4. If you have any questions, wish to check availability or want to talk about your project, please use the form below.

    -- About --

Hello, I'm Chris Kerley. I'm a drummer, song writer, vocalist & producer from the UK and in bands such as Zedi Forder, King born Peasant, An Entire Legion & Tricore. I work out of and welcome you to my home studio.

--COntact to check availability and feel free to ask questions --

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