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Surrey, UK, rock/metal band Zedi Forder were founded in 2015. The band was the culmination of several bands dating back to the turn of the millennium, when Drummer/Singer/Songwriter Chris Kerley created and started writing for a band called ‘Unbound’. Various projects have come and gone, including some with releases such as ‘Tricore’, ‘An Entire Legion’ & ‘Rind Skank. This site has become a hub of sorts of the various creative endeavours of Chris Kerley.

Zedi Forder began with just Kerley & Guitarist Mark Carstairs. Bassist, Rich Tomsett joined in late 2015. The band released their self-titled debut album in 2017. 2017 would also mark the departure of guitarist Mark Carstairs bringing over a decade of musical partnership with Kerley to an end.


After a brief stint of involvement with talented guitarist April Cox, and the release of the ‘Ditties 1 EP’, Wayne Clifford joined in 2019 bringing the band back up to strength. The band released their second studio album ‘Isolation’ in 2020 alongside a second album named ‘Judgement’ released under a twinned project named Zedi Forder Superium. The Ditties 2 Ep followed in 2021. All Zedi Forder music has been produced & released independently. Wayne left the band in late 2021. As of mid-2022 Zedi Forder has a new album in the works.

Alongside the music the band always try to put out cheap & mildly entertaining visual content as often as possible but started creating regular “Discover music with Zedi Forder” vids/podcasts in 2019 which revolve around the band searching for music on bandcamp randomly to shine a light on. Episodes are now available not just on youtube but on spotify & bandcamp.



Years active:


Best place to get our music:


Alternative Rock/Metal


Woking, UK


Lead vocals/Drums-

Chris Kerley


Rich Tomsett


Wayne Clifford




Live - Normal gear. Backing tracks.

Booking -

spells single cover LQ
ZF Ditties 2
Zedi Forder - Isolation
ZF Superium - Judgement
Set world on fire (Single)
Zedi Forder Ditties 1 (EP)
Zedi Forder The Album
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