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Song Writer // Drummer // Vocalist // Producer

Chris Kerley has been musically active since the mid-nineties. He is the Vocalist, Drummer and primary songwriter of various bands and projects including - Zedi Forder, Tricore, An Entire Legion, Rind SKank, King Born Peasant, Kid Golhum and has collaborated with multiple song writers & musicians from across the globe.

For vocal session enquiries please contact below.

Collab Demo Reel


kerley beard
kerl in front of poster
kerl short hair
kerl weird
mirror kerl
cheeky kerl
b&w with miniK
long hair kerl
drumming kerl

Thanks for submitting!

Required for remote vocal sessions --
  • Instrumental backing track
  • Lyrics
  • Vocal melody track (either temp vocals or synth demo).
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