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BAND : The Game

The Battle is as much with the industry as it is with one another! A little skill and a lot of luck goes a long way...


Band is a fun family/party competitive game for up to six players. (Aged 12 to Adult). (20-40 minute avg game time).

Game contents (as of 26/11/21)

52 x Musician cards

37 x Stat cards

65 x Event cards

70+ Fan tokens


6 x Doubloons

1 Dice


Object of the Game

2-6 players must face the diamond moments and pit falls of struggling your way up as a band.
With a bunch of nut ball musicians and humorous distractions you must build your fan base, keep track of your points and modifiers, navigate circumstance and work your way towards the golden gig...

>A deck of musician cards with some colourful and characterful portraits representing each member of your band!

>Event & Stat cards (sometimes humourous) that can throw a spanner in the works or uplift.

>Gig spinner with multiple spin layers.

>Fan Tokens galore, each little head worships you!

>"Musical Doubloons" tokens for special game mechanics

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