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Black Crown : The Board Game

The Vitorian Velenarch brutalises the galaxy with an evil King at their helm. Do you have what it takes to stop them? Do you have what it takes to even slow them down!

BC box, top part-01_edited.png
BC box, top part-01_edited.png

Black Crown details

Ages 10 to Adult

For 2-7 players (6 hero, 1 Vitorian games master)

2-4 hours average mission play time

Game contents

6 Hero units

40+ Enemy units

20 Missions

Original play boards

Fully illustrated character stat sheets for both sides, tokens, cards, upgrades galore!

Custom dice


The Game

The Black Crown board game will be a "miniatures/dice/combat" game set in an exciting new original universe of our own design, adapted from an original novel. The game is influenced by the classic board games 'Hero Quest' and 'Space Crusade', which we grew up loving. There's a heavy focus on dice combat, strategy and a unique quest line yet fairly simple gameplay mechanics allow you to get straight to the meat of the game. At the moment, Black Crown can be enjoyed by up to seven players! Creating that "grab a drink, sit down with a group of friends and have a blast" vibe is our goal. Black Crown will be something you can just pick up and play or settle in for a full campaign!

The principles and mechanics of the game have and continue to be well-tested and two prototypes have been created, one using miniatures from other games and a more recent one using standees. So far we've had great feedback and are looking forward to progressing with the project. We have other projects that are smaller and easier to manage and they have been our focus for the last few months. When it comes to Black Crown, we're at a stage where two boxes need to be ticked in order for us to proceed.

  1. We plan on crowd funding so need to set aside the time it would likely take to run a campaign. We wouldn't even think about this until... 

  2. We've gathered enough interest from you guys to make a crowd funding campaign worthwhile. (Sign up to our mailing list!)

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