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InterDimensional Nutters
The Card & Dice Game

Each Nutter is special but do you have the skill to tap into their powers...


In a game of skill and fortune you must control the play and hold on until victory...

Players control a colourful selection of heroes and villains, all known as the interdimensional nutters...

2-4 Players (Prime Rules)

2-8 players (Extended Rules)

(Ages - Kids to Adult). (15mins - 40mins long games on average).

Game contents

8 Character Cards

8 Ally Cards

12 upgrade cards

25 in-game event/use cards

1 reference card

16 Character and Ally Dice

8 life cubes

3 cards IN.jpg

Object of the Game

Interdimensional Nutters is a stand-alone card and dice game in the same vein as Star Wars Destiny, Magic The Gathering & Pokemon. Players must destroy their opponents characters using the unique traits of their own characters and the hand they're dealt. 1-4 players play by the prime rules but up to eight players can play using the extended rules.

The game will hopefully have a small enough box to make it great to travel with. Please see prototype pics below.

We'd love to crowd fund the game but need your support to do so! If you're interested in this game and would like to add it to your collection one day, please sign up to our mailing list.

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