We're looking for a Drummer & Vocalist

We’re looking for a very talented drummer to join us. (metal/rock) We’re also looking for a potential front person for a twinned project we have on the go. An ideal scenario, to keep the line-up at four members would be if we could find someone who could potentially fill both roles. There’s no getting around the ability needed on drums but the front end position could potentially be taught as it’s a performance, vocal fx based role, no melodic singing is required. You just need to be up for it and be able to summon the right sort of demeanor. We’re going to put it out there as a combined role for a while to see what results we get. Drum-wise, you’ll need your own kit/transport. We rehearse in WOKING/Reading mainly. Two pracs a week.


We have three albums out so please check these ones concerning drums, (v experienced player needed, dbl kick, can learn by ear).




And these concerning the vocal/front position, (could be theatrical elements, mask etc)


Contact us below if interested >

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