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Booking Terms & Conditions

-- Copyright Advice --

  1. Legalities of releasing music. Music copyright laws have always been complicated. As a general rule of thumb, you can't use things that other people have created without their permission. Fair enough right! If you intend to release/monetise a cover song on streaming platforms you will need permission to use the backing music (if you're not using your own original music). If you post someone else's instrumental on social media/youtube (and you're popular enough to draw attention) it could end up being deleted, you could be given a copyright strike.

--You could--​

  • Use your own original music and vocal melodies or for demo purposes create your own simplified backing track (piano chords etc) of cover tunes.

  • Do it for fun or to demo! If you're only going to share with close friends & family or if you're not looking to make money off of it directly or release it, there's unlikely going to be an issue. Ultimately it's your responsibility and I assume any tracks you provide have been cleared for your use.

  • Pay a license to cover music. You'll need this if you want to officially release a cover version of a song. You'd still need to create the backing music or have permission from those that did. You can do this via sites like EasySong (Handy video on this site that explains).

  • You can license & sing over backing tracks for non-monetised uses from sites like

They have lots of songs to choose from!

  • Dependent on availability I can create a simple Piano backing track for you for an additional £30.

By using our recording services, you acknowledge that you have the legal right to use any copyrighted material you bring into my studio or submit to me for use. I am not responsible for any legal consequences or copyright infringement that may arise from the misuse of the recordings I produce for you. The finished recordings are for your personal use & for use in whatever capacities your permissions extend to. You are solely responsible for adhering to all copyright laws and agreements. You agree to this statement above when you book a vocal session with me.


-- Thank You --​

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