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Booking Terms & Conditions

This is a booking for a one on one lesson. I only have a certain amount of session slots available throughout any given week and the venues I use are hired in advance. Booking priority is given to students who book most regularly.

I angle my booking policy with this in mind.

-- Please --


  • Please pay by bank transfer within the day of your confirmed booking/s if within a week of booked slot. (The slot/s will become open again the following day if payment is not received). At your booked lesson you may also choose to block book future lessons using cash.

  • Please get back to me in a promptly manner if you are offered a time slot.

  • You may book a single session or a block of sessions. (If you book a block we can arrange the dates immediately or leisurely going forward). I tend to book late in any given month for the whole of the next month. You may pay for all dates upfront or at least one week in advance of your lesson.

  • As stated, the venue must be paid for whether or not you turn up. Booking a time slot makes it unavailable for others to book. As such, there are no refunds for cancellations so please be sure that you're able to commit to your sessions date & time upon booking.

  • You may however re-arrange a session as long as there's at least 4 full days notice leading up to the lesson you wish to change.

  • Lessons are run on a tight schedule so please aim to be on time. Lessons run to either 55 minutes or 25 minutes depending on the length you've booked. Missed time can't be replaced as lessons will finish on schedule ready for the next student. If you're early please wait until your session begins. There are usually 5 minute buffers in between lessons.

  • It's rare that I need to change days but sometimes I need to change times, with usually plenty of warning, so please be as flexible as you can. Thank you.

  • If for some reason I have to cancel the lesson myself, you will be offered a full refund or a chance to re-book your session.


-- Thank You --​

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